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Milton-Ulladulla Funeral Services help families come together and create a lasting & memorable service for their loved one. We have a proud tradition in serving the families of our community for generations. Locally owned and operated by Simon & Kayleen Law, Milton-Ulladulla Funeral Services are available, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In your time of need, call us and we will be there.

The Personal Touch

A funeral is not a fuss, it should be a celebration of a life well lived. We’re here to help you create a beautiful, unique service perfectly customised for your loved one.

Respectful Service

One step at a time, we will take you through the decisions that need to be made and help you make the choices that suit your needs and budget.

It's Time To Plan

We understand how comforting it is to know that your personal wishes have been recorded. Plan ahead with a Pre-paid or Pre-arranged funeral.

Our Services

Our on site chapel can accommodate seating up to 100 people, both inside our air conditioned chapel and outside under our purpose built awning. High quality sound audio systems and LCD screens both inside and out, convey the memories families have put together in celebration of their loved ones either through music or DVD tribute.

Milton Ulladulla Funerals Services specialise in creating customised funerals in various locations we feel befit the memorial service created by the family as well as away from base locations. We have the facilities to travel outside of the local area should a service be required away from the Milton-Ulladulla region.

Please feel free to discuss this with our staff.

In the end it's not the years
in your life that count,
it's the life in your years.

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Things To Consider

First of all take the time to sit down and gather your thoughts, there is no need to rush at this time. You should contact your doctor as they must certify that death has occurred and will need to issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death before we can come and help you. It may be at this time you would like to contact a relative or friend to support you whilst waiting for the doctor to arrive as well as contacting our office to speak with one of our on call staff so we are prepared to take your loved one into our care. In most instances in Australia, death occurs in a medical facility and they will take care of the medical formalities required. In some instances however it may not be possible for the doctor to issue a Medical Cause of Death certificate and it may be necessary for police or the Coroner to become involved.

  • Family History Details
  • Burial or Cremation
  • Service or No Service
  • Style of Service
  • Church, Chapel or Private Arrangements
  • Clergy or Celebrant
  • Style of Coffin
  • Hymns or Music
  • Photo / DVD Tribute
  • Flowers
  • Format of the Service
  • Order of Service Booklets
  • Clothes / Viewing by relatives and friends
  • RSL/Lodge Services
  • Newspaper or Radio Advertisements
  • Refreshments / Catering

Many people today are choosing to either pre-pay or pre-arrange their funeral arrangements, ensuring they get exactly what they want and reducing the stress on the family during their time of grieving.

A pre-arranged funeral is where you may discuss with Milton Ulladulla Funeral Services your preference for a type and style of funeral so we can record these details for future reference. However, no formal agreement is entered into for that specific funeral. It will be the responsibility of your family or executor to arrange the funeral and pay for it at the time of need. Just ensure your family know who to turn to when they need to make arrangements so your wishes are followed. We have created a guide to assist with keeping records of your funeral wishes. If you would like to download a booklet to complete this information, please click here –[Download] Once completed place this Personal Profile Record in a safe place with your personal papers as well as leave a copy with your chosen Funeral Director. This will ensure those close to you have access to all the necessary information when required.

A funeral bond is a specialised investment which enables you to accumulate funds to meet future funeral expenses. An investment in a funeral bond is similar to a life insurance policy, whereby your benefit becomes payable on death. The benefits must be used to meet your funeral expenses. A funeral bond is an investment towards the cost of a funeral and by itself does not guarantee against rising funeral prices. For more information or to download a brochure please visit the Funeral Plan Management Website – If you have any other questions on pre-arranging a funeral please feel free to call us on (02) 44540722 or arrange an obligation free appointment to discuss your options face to face with one of our friendly staff.

The cost of a funeral varies greatly as they depend on the choices families make through the arrangement. These choices are made either by financial basis or on a personal preference. Variations Of Funeral Expenses:

  • Choice of Coffin or Casket
  • Clergy Fee
  • Organist Fees
  • Newspaper Notices
  • Radio Announcements
  • Types of floral arrangements selected
  • Quantity of Order of Service sheets required
  • Medical and Death Certificates required
  • Catering requirements
  • Travel requirements

Once these factors have been decided upon then a more accurate estimate of costs can be established for a funeral service. Our staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on a quote you have received.

Centrelink offers the following bereavement payments to Australian residents. Entitlements can change without notice and we recommend you contact your nearest Centerlink Office for further information on 13 23 00.

  • Married Pensioners: The surviving partner will receive a further 14 weeks of their spouse’s pension. This is usually paid in a lump sum.
  • Single Pensioners: The estate will receive one full pension payment after the person’s death.
  • Carers Pension: The carer is entitled to a further 14 weeks pension following the death and this will be paid in fortnightly repayments. If the deceased was single/widowed/divorced, there may be an additional lump sum payment.
  • Sole Parent Pension: The parent is entitled to a further 14 weeks following death and this will be paid in a lump sum.
  • Surviving Spouse – Bereavement Allowance Pension: If the surviving spouse does not have sufficient means to support themselves, the bereavement allowance is available for 14 weeks of payments.
  • Widows Allowance: If the surviving wife has no recent workforce experience and she is over 50, she may be entitled to regular payments. Other allowances may be payable through the following institutions:
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Insurance Companies
  • Transport Accident Commission (VIC)
  • Some private health funds
  • Unions.

The following can provide information on allowances which may be payable if you are a member of the immediate family of a homicide victim:

An Executor is someone who is named under a will to administer the distribution of the deceased’s assets as directed by the will. An executor is often a family member, a trusted friend, or a bank trust officer. It is advisable that an Executor get professional advice or assistance, if only to determine their rights and responsibilities in the matter. If a Will cannot be located, the responsibility to administer the estate usually rests with the next-of-kin, who should seek professional advice before attempting to finalise matters. For further information, guidance or professional advice on all will and estate matters, you can call the Executor Assist Helpline on 1800 623 530. This is an obligation-free 24-hour, 7-day service, provided by Flinders-EAS.

A eulogy is a well-crafted speech intended to commemorate a loved one who has died. It is usually presented at a memorial service or funeral by someone who was close to the deceased and knows them well. Alternatively the celebrant delivering the service may write an include their own after meeting with the family and friends of the deceased. A eulogy may contain the following:

  • A condensed life history of the person who has died
  • Details about family, friends, work/career, interests, and achievements
  • Nicknames and/or names known to others
  • Preferences, likes and dislikes
  • Any special or fond stories, sayings or qualities that are significant to others
  • Favorite poems, songs, quotes, scripture.

Milton Ulladulla Funerals Services notify the following departments on your behalf after the loss of your loved one

  • Centrelink (where applicable)
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs (where applicable)
  • Medicare

The following departments may also need to be notified. If you need any assistance with any of these please advise one of our staff and we will be only too happy to assist

  • Employer
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance companies (Health, Life etc)
  • Post Office for mail delivery
  • Superannuation
  • Blood Bank
  • RTA – car registration
  • Any applicable clubs or associations
  • Religious Organisations
  • Solicitor
  • Trade unions or professional associations
  • Household help, nursing services or Meals on Wheels
  • Home delivery services – e.g. newspapers and milk
  • Australian Tax Office, Australian Electoral Office
  • Rental Companies
  • Local Government for Rates, water excess etc
  • Accountant
  • Telephone Provider
  • Electricity Provider
  • School or college
  • Service organisations – e.g. Rotary, Lions, Apex, Zonta, Red Cross
  • Medical Specialists (including Doctors, Dentists etc)

The most important thing about grief is that it is a natural response to loss and is normal. Allow yourself the time to grieve, cry if it helps and talk about your feelings with family and friends. For some, grief is a relatively quick process, in others much longer. In every case, grief is unique and the best way to approach it is to ‘go with it’ rather than deny it. Make sure you get your rest, eat balanced meals and lighten your workload. If you feel it is getting unbearable or you feel you simply cant cope then talking to a professional councillor may help. Our staff are always ready to have a cuppa and a chat.


(It is a requirement that funeral information is in accordance with the Funeral Goods and Services Information Standard contained in the Fair Trading Regulation 2019)
Disbursements – These are fees paid to 3rd party suppliers on your behalf. Below are reasonable estimates & are subject to change. There may also be other disbursements that are not listed here. Milton Ulladulla Funeral Services do not add any additional fees to these charges.
Disclosures –
* Our cremator is located at U157 Princes Highway Ulladulla NSW 2539, This facility is owned by Simon & Kayleen Law.
# Our Mortuary is located at 2 Camden Street Ulladulla NSW 2539, this facility is operated by Sikaba Pty Ltd
– All local transportation will be in one of our hearses or specialty vehicles owned by Sikaba Pty Ltd
– All prices are inclusive of GST

All pricing displayed are for funerals conducted by Milton Ulladulla Funeral Services only.

Special Celebrations

A funeral service should be as unique and special as the person being honoured. Often the most meaningful services are those that were most personal. There are many ways to add personal touches to funeral and memorial services, and our experienced team are here to help you through the planning process.

In Loving Memory...

Before the Service...

  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death (anywhere in Australia or around the world) to the funeral home.
  • Preparation of the deceased
  • Prepare a viewing where applicable, using our own private facilities
  • Face to face consultation to go over all funeral arrangements
  • Liaising with Florist
  • Liaising with clergy or celebrant
  • Booking of venue for service
  • Contacting RSL Representatives (where applicable)
  • Placing of death &/or funeral notices in newspapers/radio
  • Arranging any catering needed for wake
  • Arranging for donations to be left for a charity of your choice in lieu of flowers where applicable
  • Liasing with doctors and hospitals etc to ensure all relevant paperwork is collected
  • Ordering of death certificates
  • Notifying Centrelink (where applicable) & Medicare
  • Liaising with musician for service if required (organise pipers or other musicians of choice)
  • Create a dvd tribute, music and memories (if required)
  • Liaising with cemetery/crematorium of your choice

Day Of the Service...

  • Hearse facilities to carry deceased to and from funeral service
  • Mourning car facilities if required to take family members to and from funeral service
  • Playing of all music and DVDs during service
  • Transport of deceased to crematorium/cemetery after service
  • Collection and return of any cards & tributes
  • Creating memorial book of your choosing (including our personally designed memorial book which comes free of charge)
  • Flag Display
  • Recording of services

After the Service...

  • Collection and storage of ashes after cremations
  • Providing a wide selection of urns
  • Referral to grief support